Foshan making ceramics “headquarters base”: in 2015...
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Devotes in makes the ceramics “the headquarters base” Foshan plans to 2015 realizes the ceramic profession output value 100,000,000,000 Yuan, this was south reporter the other day learned from the Foshan Ceramics Profession Association. The association concerned people in charge introduced to south reporter that the Foshan ceramics high production benefits from one batch of leading enterprises innovates unceasingly in the ceramic production technology and attains the national approval. on 17th, the Foshan great space ceramics announced that its independent research and development “the high clear three dimensional rubber roll printing technology” makes “the Chinese Building materials Federation advance in technology” the first prize, simultaneously uses the waste residue use factor promotes to 40% above, raises the energy conservation environmental protection efficiency. Was known as “the southern part of China ceramic” reputation Foshan recent years to increase dynamics to carry on the industry and the labor force “the double shift”, made the base to transfer out Foshan, but sold, departments and so on design, technical research and development to accelerate to concentrate. “the Foshan ceramics profession more than 20 years develop high speed, huddle together the barbaric growth from the early time privately operated concentration of capital, establish the `headquarters base to the policy direction ', order to done within a time limit reorganize, gather core departments and so on sale, research and development, the entire process from the quantitative change to the realization qualitative change,” Guangdong Province ceramics association President Chen has articulated south reporter is interviewed indicated that Foshan's output value and the tax revenue double increase, the energy consumption and the pollution discharge reduce. The Foshan Ceramics Association provides the related data demonstrated that the Foshan ceramics Production enterprise from 2007 more than 400, retains 60 enterprises after the transformation, realizes the clean production and the technique of production restoration completely. At present the whole city centralism gathers the headquarters, the convention, the research and development, the physical distribution and the information base, the ceramic output reduces 40%, the output value, the tax revenue grows 33%, the energy consumption drops 25%, the emissions sulphur dioxide reduces 20%. “the Foshan local ceramic industry has accelerated the research and development sale strength accumulation in recent years, complies with the `headquarters economy ' the policy.”National quality supervision Technical committee member, Foshan great space group Chief Marketing Officer Wang Yong indicated that technical, the information contention will be the key which the ceramic enterprise will subdue in the future. (Chen Lin Lin) reported
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