19 session of Foshan Tao Bo meets the special...
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[mechanical and electrical online news]“decides the influence highly”, the Nanfang Daily by its unreplaceable authority and the male letter strength, has established it in the South China area mainstream politics after the media status. On March 19, the Nanfang Daily unites the China ceramics net, conducts “19th session of Foshan Tao Bo in 1506 creativity cities to meet the special issue and the consumer hand in hand most trusts the ceramic brand investigation launching ceremony”. From a manner knowledge's profession, to the high-end strong trend media's attention, the Nanfang Daily this time does not focus the Foshan ceramics, has given the very high great expectations to the Foshan ceramics' thorough discrimination.   The launching ceremony same day, takes the special guest, entire friend Wei Yu General Manager Shi Bing, the fine handsome ceramics and so on numerous Foshan Enterprises represents, Nanfang Daily Foshan reporter stands Stationmaster Hu Zhi to be brave, the Nanfang Daily "the Foshan Observation" memoir department Director the Zou wave, China ceramics net Editor-in-Chief Liu Xiaoming, the China Ceramics Industrial association constructed sanitary earthen ware specialized committee Secretary General Huang Xinhong, profession two senior expert Zhang Yongnong, Zhang Youzhuo and so on common testimony launching ceremony.   The ceramic industry is the Foshan tradition superiority industry, the Foshan ceramics has the important profession status in the nation and even the world, since continuously, outside to the Foshan ceramics and health bath profession understanding insufficiently comprehensive, as well as has reformed since 2007 promotes with 2008 the financial crisis, the Foshan ceramics in the promotion, reforming, the innovation aspect have what kind of change, looks like entire friend Wei Yu and so on new batch of innovation enterprise's rising, the development idea already obtained the consumer by “the green” to approve, the Foshan ceramics and the health bath profession develop the new achievement to wait for in let the more industry inside and outside public figure understanding and the inspection.   It is reported that to let more industry inside and outside public figures know the Foshan ceramics, in the following series activity, the organizer will penetrate the Foshan Representative Ceramics Enterprise to carry on the interview, as well as starts the consumer most to trust the ceramic brand the investigation, the thick product sends thinly discriminates the Foshan ceramics, returns to original state and annotates the more comprehensive Foshan ceramics new name card. (this article originates: Mechanical and electrical online correspondent: Zeng Weihong edited: Zhang Huijuan)
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